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Guitar Lessons

Here you can get to know more about electric guitar lessons in Wroclaw with me

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I'm a guitar teacher since 2010. It doesn't matter whether you're newbie or you can already play. You'll learn awesome guitar tricks, right ways to play jaw dropping licks and efficient playing techniques. You'll learn how to mute unnecessary noises, you'll learn how to play clean and consciously. I'll teach you how to play by ear if that's something that you're interested in. I'm a homerecording nerd and I can help you with recording your stuff. There are guitars here, you don't need to take your instrument for our lessons.

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Those are some of my students:

Mikołaj Górniaczyk - Aviator Solo (Polyphia ft. Jason Richardson)

Bartosz Baldys feat. Lever - I Am You

MRT - Drop D Medley (learning how to play for 3 months) / MRT - Medley #2 (10 months of practice)

Piotr Zytkiewicz (guitar) and Justyna Panfilewicz - Guns n' Roses - Sweet Child O' Mine / Mikolaj Gorniaczyk - Trivium - Until The World Goes Cold

Artur Rudownik - practicing solo licks / Marcin Kryska - Black Sabbath - Iron Man Solo Cover (playing the guitar for 6 months)

Marcin Przewloka - Pantera - Cemetery Gates (solo) / Mikolaj Gorniaczyk - Trivium - Into the Mouth of Hell We March

Krzysiek Kulig - The Chase (original song)

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Current pricing is 80PLN per hour.

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Lessons take place at Rybacka 6 in Wroclaw. There's parking space there.

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Call me (M +48 796 482 687) or send me an e-mail to michal@michalkaszczyszyn.com to book classes.

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1. Lessons last 60 minutes
2. Lessons are available from Monday to Saturday between 8am to 8pm.
3. Lessons take place at Rybacka 6/19, Wroclaw
4. Lessons are available all year round.
5. You can pay me in cash or you can transfer money to my bank account: 17 1050 1575 1000 0090 7736 3811
6. Lessons can be cancelled in advance of at least 48 hours. Otherwise payment has to be done still. There's a chance that we can work out a different date for that missed lesson.
7. You don't need to take your instrument with you to play.
8. You need an email address to receive tabs & other lesson related goods from me.
9. You need TuxGuitar (free) and Adobe Reader (free) to open tabs and other documents
10. You have 7 days after each lesson to ask me questions and it usually takes me no more than few hours to answer.