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Schecter Demon 7 electric guitar review

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Schecter Demon 7 is a simple mid price 7 string, 26.5" scale guitar with Duncan Designed pickups and GraphTech Black TUSQ nut.

Tuning stability 10/10

Really awesome, after almost two weeks of use I have absolutely nothing to complain in this field.

Acoustic sound 9/10

Given its greater than usual scale and wider than a six string neck the Demon delivers exceptionally loud and powerful acoustic tone. No apparent dead notes, fantastic sustain. Tight and bright tone which is great for playing heavy riffs on the low B string. No mud.

Electric sound 9.5/10

Duncan Designed HB-105 seem to be the first active pickups that I really, really like. Their output isn't that powerful, however they kick chords properly while retaining clarity, work well in soloing and surprisingly well in clean tone playing. HB-105 are licensed Blackouts.

Finish 10/10

Breathtakingly flawless. I bow to Schecter.

Neck 9/10

I'm very surprised with how comfortable the neck is in Demon 7. This is my first 7 string guitar and I have to tell you that there was nothing to be afraid of. It's like having just an extra string with no sacrifices. The last two frets have a bit limited access but I've also played a few 6 string guitars with the exact same issue. It's still just a mid price bolt-on. 26.5" scale makes bending just a bit more difficult, but it also gives you more room for your fingers which is great for playing chords and higher notes. It has something appealing to it that makes me want to play it.

Table 1 Schecter Demon 7 neck dimensions

Dimension Value
Width at nut 48mm
Width at 24th fret 67.5mm
Thickness at 1st fret 21.5mm
Thickness at 12th fret 22.5mm
Fingerboard radius 14" (355.6mm)

Features 9/10

Standard construction with great nut and fine pickups.

Balance 9.5/10

Great while sitting and very good while standing - wider strap sets it up where you want to be, on a standard strap it's more than acceptable.

Weight 9/10

Not too heavy, not light, feels right and comfy.

Price 10/10

Price - around 280-300 euros new, great price


pic Finish quality
pic Feautures
pic Electric sound quality
pic Acoustic sound quality
pic Balance
pic Price


pic Limited access to the last two frets


  • 24X Jumbo frets
  • 26.5" scale
  • GraphTech Black TUSQ nut
  • Maple bolt-on neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Basswood body
  • T-O-M bridge with strings through body
  • Duncan Designed HB-105 active humbuckers (HH)
  • 3-way switch
  • Volume pot
  • Tone pot
  • Finish - Satin Black
  • Hardware - Black Chrome
  • Year of production - 2011
  • Country of production - Indonesia
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