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Guitar Lessons

Harmonic modes

Harmonic modes differ from diatonic modes by only one note. Harmonic minor scale is a natural minor scale (Aeolian) with sharp seventh degree. Harmonic major scale is a natural major scale with sharp fifth degree. Diminished seventh and augmented chords are characteristic to these modes.

Download harmonic modes classical shapes tabulature for Guitar Pro 5 and Tux Guitar

Download harmonic modes three notes per string tabulature for Guitar Pro 5 and Tux Guitar

Below are fingering diagrams for harmonic scales.

Harmonic Major (Ionian #5)


horizontal lines - strings, bottom line - low E string
vertical lines - frets

Figure 1 is an illustration of harmonic modes on guitar fingerboard. Harmonic major is in the key of G and consists of following notes: G, A, B, C, D#, E, F#. Once you've learned diatonic modes it's fairly easy to switch to harmonic modes by raising only one note.


Fig. 1 Harmonic modes on guitar fingerboard from Harmonic Minor in E

G A B C D# E F# - harmonic major (ionian #5)
A B C D# E F# G - romanian / spanish phrygian (dorian #4)
B C D# E F# G A - phrygian dominant / spanish gypsy(phrygian #3)
C D# E F# G A B - lydian #2
D# E F# G A B C - mixolydian #1
E F# G A B C D# - harmonic minor (aeolian #7)
F# G A B C D# E - locrian #6

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