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Testimonials & Comments

Feel free to leave your thoughts and feedback as comments below. All comments need to be accepted before they are made visible so please have a little patience. Thanks!

01.09.15, 14:31

Extraordinary teaching ! First Day at Guitar class

Hello everyone, I am a newbie and I never expected I can do this much in my very first day of class. Only very few people can possess the talent to teach anyone to play guitar. Michal in one such exceptional person in teaching and his patience has really motivated me ! Thank You Michal !
11.11.14, 8:20

Best teacher I have worked with

Anybody thinking about taking lessons should give Michal a try, really. He not only knows playing techniques but also teaches them in a way that one can get them down well! At least with me his patience has been zen-like so far. Best guitar-lesson-money I have spent, ever.
29.07.14, 10:53


Hey man, I really liked your articles. The ones I read were quite helpful and detected real and relevant problems. Thanks!
10.02.13, 16:07


I never learned so much about guitars in a single website like i did here. I am really diggin all of your work!
18.11.11, 17:48

super strona, pozdrowienia

witam, Michal, kope lat minelo, chodzilem do ciebie kiedys na gitare, duzo sie wtedy nauczylem, pozdro :)
22.12.10, 22:59

Guestbook is now open

Hello all. Guestbook should be all functional now. Any bugs popping up are gonna get squashed on "as they show up" basis :)

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