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Here you'll find a bunch of tabs of simple melodies that most people have heard and know whether they like them or not. If becoming a better guitarist is your goal, don't learn these just by reading. Listen and figure it out by yourself! Children have the ability to sing almost everything that they hear - they already know their instrument which is the human voice. Get to know the guitar, teach yourself to play what you have already heard. It's possible to change the tempo of the tune in Guitar Pro and Tux Guitar in case you ecnounter difficulties.

Use Guitar Pro or Tux Guitar (free) to view tabs.

Select from the list below:

He-man Theme TAB GTP

The Addams Family Theme TAB GTP

Top Gun Anthem (Steve Stevens) TAB GTP

Samba de Janeiro TAB GTP

Happy Birthday to You TAB GTP

Axel F (Beverly Hills Cop, Harold Faltermeyer) TAB GTP

MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This TAB GTP

Drunken Sailor TAB GTP

Yankee Doodle TAB GTP

Polish national anthem TAB GTP

R. Wagner - Here Comes the Bride TAB GTP

Rondo Alla Turca TAB GTP

NOKIA ringtone (from Gran Vals by Francisco Tarrega) TAB GTP

Airwolf Theme TAB GTP

Bold and Beautiful Theme TAB GTP

MacGyver Theme TAB GTP

Duke Nukem Theme TAB GTP

Hawaii Five-0 Theme TAB GTP


Knight Rider TAB GTP

Monty Python's Flying Circus Theme TAB GTP

Ole Ole Ole TAB GTP

Silent Night TAB GTP

The Battle Hymn of the Republic (Glory, Glory) TAB GTP

Vivaldi - Four Seasons (Spring) TAB GTP

W.A. Mozart - Little Night Music (Eine Kleine Nacht Musik) Intro TAB GTP

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