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Alesis DM6 USB Kit Review

pic pic


The DM6 is an inexpensive electronic drum set. It's fine for learning and practicing. There's no perceivable latency. Drum sounds aren't especially realistic, but they're fine and there's plenty to choose from. There are 108 drum sounds, you get 10 factory presets and 5 programmable user presets. You can also use its USB MIDI out for triggering virtual instruments on your PC, such as Steven Slate Drums. There are some weak points, of course. Toms and cymbals are less sensitive than snare drum. You have to hit them more precisly and use a bit more strenght. The DM6 is easy to put together and so light that you don't really have to disassemble it for transportation. Its sound module has a built-in metronome and a sequencer with 40 music tracks for playing along.


Around 400 euro.


pic Ease of use
pic Features - audio I/O, metronome
pic USB MIDI out
pic Works with iPad
pic Sensitive two-zone snare drum
pic Price


pic Less sensitive toms and cymbals
pic Usable but rather poor samples

Product page on www.alesis.com

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