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B.C. Rich Kerry King V (KKV) review

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B.C. Rich Kerry King V guitar is a heavy, solid metal axe with an interesting bridge - Kahler X-Trem.

Tuning stability 9/10

Excellent, especially with tremolo blocked. Fine tuners work well, locking nut keeps strings from moving around tuning pegs.

Acoustic sound 9/10

Fantastic acoustic sound with long sustain and no dead notes. It's close to what you can get from more expensive instruments and there's nothing obvious to pick on.

Electric sound 9/10

In this case B.C. Rich B.D.S.M. humbuckers tear the air apart. Roar. Really great classic metal tones with dynamics, harmonics and some character. Note that I prefer passive pickups.

Finish 8.5/10

Not bad in overall, really. Frets - fine. Electronics - one solder joint needed repair. Nut - probably too high for most players, it takes some work to lower it with a sandpaper. No major flaws, no crucial ones.

Neck 9/10

I'm in love with this neck even though upper fret access is a bit limited (not that limited as in Jackson DK2M). It's not thin, it's just more flat than most necks and it feels so good for shredding, playing leads and bending.

Table 1 B.C. Rich Kerry King V (KKV) neck dimensions

Dimension Value
Width at nut 43mm
Width at 24th fret 57mm
Thickness at 1st fret 20.3mm
Thickness at 12th fret 22.6mm
Fingerboard radius 17" or more, certainly greater than 16"

Features 10/10

It's a metal guitar and it's equipped better than most guitars, especially in its price range. The bridge can be adjusted in many ways - string heights, string spacing, intonation. Tremolo can be easily locked so the bridge becomes a fixed bridge. Roller saddles improve sustain and prolong string life, locking nut and fine tuners make things easier with tuning.

See Kahler bridge adjustment guide on www.kahlerusa.com

Balance 10/10

Pointy on a strap, sits well on a lap. Not a single issue here, well done.

Weight 10/10

KKV is big and heavy. It weighs more than a Junior V for sure. It's a 10 unless you're aiming for a compact, lightweight guitar.

Price 10/10

KKV is priced around 400 euros and I think it's a fair price.


  • 24 jumbo frets
  • 25.5" scale
  • Maple neck, bolt-on construction
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Mahogany body
  • Kahler X-Trem bridge
  • B.C. Rich B.D.S.M. humbucking pickups (HH)
  • 3-way switch
  • 2x volume pot
  • 1x tone pot
  • Widow headstock
  • Year of production - 2010
  • Country of production - China


pic Electric sound
pic Acoustic sound
pic Great flat neck
pic Cool bridge with a tremolo that can be locked


pic Limited upper fret access (not that much limited, just a bit)
pic High nut (can be fixed)

Kerry King V model on www.bcrich.com

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