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Entwistle X3 guitar pickups review

pic pic

Features (10/10)

  • Ceramic magnets
  • "Blade" poles
  • 4 conductor wire
  • D.C. resistance - 15.5kOhm (bridge) and 12kOhm (neck)
  • Wide pole pieces make it suitable both for tremolo and fixed bridges

Those are some serious high gain pickups that are easy on your wallet. With DiMarzio X2N and Bill Lawrence L-500 they share similar design, appearance and tonal characteristics. Why would anyone be interested in those? Chuck Schuldiner from Death played the X2N and Dimebag Darrell from Pantera played the L-500 and those were fast pickers and shredders. It's also said that "blade" pole pieces and ceramic magnets are the thing for shredding.

Sound 10/10

Those pickups sound pretty much like the Bill Lawrence L-500. The difference is that they seem to have even more output and even less noise but also less highest frequency harmonics. The X2N also has super rich harmonic content. Nevertheless you can tell that they're pretty much the same. It's 10/10 because it's great fun playing through those. You can get Pantera tones with ease. This is what you need to make pinch harmonics sing forever. Note seperation is unreal. The amount of attack is so big that it makes you know without any doubt whenever you pick a note. This is the weapon of choice for fast staccato shred training and the price couldn't be better! I put those in a Washburn X40PRO - it's a superstrat with mahogany body, bolt-on maple neck and a Floyd Rose.

pic pic pic pic

Entwistle X3 guitar pickups (bridge and neck) in a Washburn X40PRO

Built quality 10/10

Those are high quality pickups, really. There's nothing out of ordinary compared to DiMarzio or any other manufacturer.

pic pic pic pic

Entwistle X3 bridge and neck - unboxing


pic Lots of attack make those pickups perfect choice to master fast staccato playing
pic High output, clear tone
pic 4 conductor wire allows coil splitting, parallel connection
pic More noiseless and humless than expected!
pic Pole spacing suitable for both fixed and floating bridges

Product page on www.entwistlepickups.com

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