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Groove Tubes Fat Finger Review

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The Fat Finger is a simple guitar gadget that adds mass to guitar headstock for a better resonance and it really works. What you get is more sustain, more low end. In some situations it's even capable of curing dead notes. Once I had an OLP John Petrucci and it had an awfull dead note on the 13th fret on the G string that the the Fat Finger cured instantly. Generally it changes tone a little bit - it makes it thicker, heavier. On some guitars it makes a guitar's body resonate so much more that you can really feel it wherever you touch the guitar while playing. Its impact on tone correlates to its placement on the headstock. Be careful - it weighs a little bit, so with a poorly balanced guitar it may make things worse. In that case you can think of relocating strap buttons, using a wide, leather strap or just using this thing for recording.


It seems that it's not produced anymore. It could be bought for some $30.


pic More sustain
pic More tone
pic Possibility to get rid of dead notes in some guitars
pic Price

Possible drawbacks

pic It can affect a guitar's balance as it adds mass to the headstock
pic On some guitars thicker tone with more low end is a bad idea
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