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Goeldo BackBox Review

pic pic


The BackBox is a simple and effective tremolo stabilizer that comes with two mounting screws and a manual written in german. Fortunately there's a drawing there that anyone can understand. Instaling it requires drilling two tiny holes. This stabilizer fits between springs, it's really small. Once installed, it needs small adjustments sometimes, but it works as it should fro day one. It has a glued felt for dampening guitar strings when the tremolo goes back to its neutral position. It makes a Floyd Rose bridge equipped guitar that goes out of tune by a half-step usable. Some people install two of these in one guitar and I'm going to try it out and post the results.

pic pic

Some tremolo cavities are better for installing the BackBox than others, in Ibanez RGA42BP (left picture) you'd have to add a block of wood to flatten the surface nearby the bridge


It costs around 20 euro.


pic It works as advertised
pic It's easy to install
pic It's easy to adjust
pic It fits between springs
pic It has a built-in felt dampener
pic Price


pic Manual is in german only
pic On some guitars it might be a good idea to install two of these
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