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Ibanez RG350M review

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RG350M is a guitar of great tonic versatility. Two humbuckers and single with fantastic wood combination allow you to do a lot with RG350M.

Tuning stability 6/10

It depends on whether you decide to block the tremolo or not. I can't make this particular Edge Pro III to stay in tune. With the bridge blocked the guitars stays perfectly in tune. 3-pc Wizard III neck is sufficently stable.

Acoustic sound 7/10

Nice, loud, clear and bright. Probably it's the maple neck and fingerboard which give this instrument its loud and bright tone. I'm giving it just a seven because not all of the notes sustain equally long. D note on the 7th fret on the G string dies quicker than it's neighbours or goes into trebly feedback. Tremolo springs tend to resonate from certain notes. Besides that this guitar has a surprisingly good and sweet sustain.

Electric sound 9/10

Pickups are powerful, combination of two humbuckers and a single with a 5-way switch gives enormous versatility. INF3 and INF4 humbuckers do their job and cut through the mix. One could only wish they were just a little bit less harsh in sound. You can like these pickups, you may want to change them.

Finish 9/10

Flawless, well put together, quality painting.

Neck 8/10

Typical medium price Ibanez RG neck. If you haven't played and RG, you'll like it. If you've tried more expensive models you'll find its profile a little bit less comfortable.

Table 1 Ibanez RG 350 M neck dimensions

Dimension Value
Width at nut 43mm
Width at 24th fret 58mm
Thickness at 1st fret 19mm
Thickness at 12th fret 21mm
Fingerboard radius 15.75" (400mm)

Features 9/10

Fantastic features. Powerful pickup switching system, volume & tone controls. If only the bridge could stay in tune...

Balance 10/10

Like any other RG series Ibanez RG350M is well balanced. Whether you're sitting or standing with this guitar it's always in the right position to play.

Weight 8/10

Rather heavy but within reason. The bridge itself weighs a lot. RG1550 is lighter in weight.

Price 9/10

Price - around 320 euros new, good value for the money. If the bridge stayed in tune better it would be terrific.


  • 24 jumbo frets
  • 25.5" scale
  • Wizard III neck, 3-pc maple, bolt-on
  • Maple fingerboard
  • Basswood body
  • Ibanez Edge Pro III bridge
  • Ibanez INF3, INFS3, INF4 pickups (HSH)
  • 5-way switch
  • Volume pot
  • Tone pot
  • Finish - Black
  • Year of production - 2009
  • Country of production - Indonesia
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