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MINGS HE-P (passive) guitar pickups review

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Features (7/10)

  • 54mm steel bar pole pieces
  • 2 conductor wire
  • Epoxy sealed for humcancelling
  • Inductance - 7.8H
  • D.C. resistance - 11kOhm

54mm bar pole pieces make these pickups suitable for both standard and wide string spacing. Magnet strenght isn't high and it doesn't affect string sustain and they can be set very close to strings just like typical active pickups. Two conductor wire doesn't allow coil splitting.

Sound 9/10

These pickups play mostly nice middle frequencies. They sound great in most Ibanez superstrat type guitars, they're also a choice when a thick mahogany body produces too much bass frequencies. Output level isn't very hot but sufficient for saturated hi-gain lead tones given an amplifier with some gain reserve. They're practically noiseless. Noise and hum levels are incredibly low and you can push these pups hard.

Quality 9/10

HE-P have a really cool appearence similar to EMG pickups. No complaints, they seem to be pretty solid.

Price 10/10

These pickups go for around 12 euro a piece, fantastic value for the money.


pic Practically noiseless
pic Quality
pic Tone
pic Price


pic Coil splitting isn't possible

Product page on www.mings-yq.com

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