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Recording first guitar tracks in Reaper with Line6 POD Studio

Firstly run Line6 Monkey application and make sure you have everything up to date. If you haven't already, activate POD Farm 2 via Line6 Monkey.

If your Reaper looks differently than show below, click Options > Themes > Default_3.0.

1) POD Studio driver settings

Windows: Menu Start > Control Panel > Line6 Audio-MIDI Devices


2) Select POD Studio driver in Reaper configuration

Reaper: Options > Preferences > Audio > Device > Audio system: ASIO, ASIO Driver: ASIO GX (or UX1, UX2, UX8, KB37)


3) Set project sample rate and recording bit depth

Reaper: File > Project settings > Project sample rate: 44100, Recording > Record format: WAV, WAV bit depth: 24 bit


4) POD Farm 2 settings

Open POD Farm 2 application, switch to Mixer View:


Send 1-2: Tone A

Send 3-4: Dry input

Switch to Preset View, choose a nice sounding preset or set up your own.

5) Create a new track

Reaper: Track > Insert a new track (ctrl+t)

6) Arm the track for recording

Reaper: left click on "ar" labeled button on the track so it lits up.


Reaper's Record Arm/Disarm button

7) Add POD Farm 2 plugin on the created track - only for reamping

Reaper: left click "fx" button on the created track:


Select POD Farm 2 from the list as shown below:


8) Select input for the created track

Mono Input > Send 3 or Send 4 - recording dry signal for reamping

Stereo Input > Send 1/Send 2 - recording processed sound directly from the POD Farm application


9) Record

Reaper: left click record button on transport bar (it's the red one).


Below is an example of how it all can look before recording.

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