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Waves/PRS GTR guitar interface (active di-box)

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Features 9/10


  • Hi-Z guitar input
  • Transparent preamplifier with gain control
  • Audiophile quality components
  • Custom designed circuitry
  • 3-stage signal & clip indicator
  • Unbalanced output
  • Balanced output
  • Balanced output signal level selector (line/mic)
  • It can be powered by two 9V R9 batteries or an external power supply (12V DC)
  • Low baterry level indicator
  • Power indicator
  • It powers off automatically when input is disconnected

GTR is a direct injection box that is necessary to use between an electric guitar and and audio device that's not equipped with a Hi-Z guitar input. With its comprehensive I/O it can be plugged into any audio recording equipment. It doesn't function as an computer interface and it does nothing else than condition guitar signal so it can go directly into mixers and recording gear. It's meant to be used with Waves GTR3 guitar amp modeling software but can be used with any other software as well. The most typical setup is GTR > computer audio interface > guitar plugins.

For Mac users GTR interface is a bit more convenient, as every Mac computer has a decent built-in audio interface with CoreAudio drivers that are designed also to work at low latencies. It can be plugged in directly into line input.

Battery life isn't too long, without performing a test per say I can say that a pair of quality batteries lasts for about two weeks when playing an hour or two a day. Fortunately it's possible to use an external power supply (12V DC).

GTR has a sturdy metal casing and makes quite an impression.

Sound quality 10/10

GTR interface produces high quality, clear and dynamic tones that leave other audio interfaces far behind. It sounds a bit more lively, natural and realistic than a typical Hi-Z guitar input with gain control like the one in E-MU 0202 USB. The only drawback is that it's another device that needs to be connected and powered.

Price 8/10

$120 new, I bought one used for less than $30. In my opinion it's rather fairly priced. There are several USB audio interfaces in this price range on the market but none of these offer good sounding preamps if any. GTR allows you to plug your guitar into anything, it's a great choice for those who already have low latency audio interfaces but aren't happy with their guitar inputs or their absence. It's a great pair for E-MU 0404 PCIE, which costs a small amount of money and offers fantastic sound quality and exceptionally low round trip latency of 6.2ms.


pic Sound quality
pic Features
pic Casing quality


pic Battery life

WAVES GTR interface on www.wavesgtr.com

Technical specification


  • Input impedance: >1MOhm unbalanced
  • Max input level: 1.1VRMS


*All measurements were performed with volume at a nominal setting.

  • Output impedance: 50 ohm
  • S/N: >105 @ line level, >70 @ mic level (S measured at 1%, 1 kHz, A Weighted)
  • THD+N: <0.005 (< -90dB) @ -10dB below max sensitivity level
  • Sensitivity: 1.1Vrms @ line level, 2.5Vrms @ mic level
  • Gain: 11dB @ line level, -28dB @ mic level. +/-1.5dB
  • Volume range: +5dB, -10dB refer to nominal setting
  • Output shor circuit protection
  • GND lift switch


*All measurements were performed with volume at a nominal setting.

  • Output impedance: 100 ohms
  • S/N: >105 @ line level, (S measured at 1%, 1kHz, A Weighted)
  • Response: 20Hz-20kHz, -3dB @ 11 kHz, -5dB @ 20kHz
  • THD+N: <0.005 (< -90dB) @ -10dB below max sensitivity level
  • Sensitivity: 1.1Vrms @ line level, 2.5Vrms @ mic level
  • Gain: 5dB @ line level, +/-1dB
  • Volume range: +5dB, -10dB refer to nominal setting

Power supply

  • Power On/Off switch
  • Dual 9V battery
  • 12-18V DC, nominal 60mA+/-10%
  • Low battery indicator: blink @ 7V+/-0.5V

Power saving switch

  • Automatic shut down when input 1/4" jack is not connected

Level indicator

  • Green - On @ 15mVrms input signal
  • Yellow - On @ 100mVrms input signal
  • Red - On @ 1.1Vrms input signal


  • Length: 11.5cm, width: 9.5cm, height: 4.3cm, weight: 356gr

Source - Waves/PRS Guitar Interface printed manual

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